Ever since  Dr Robert Haley was a kid he loved the banjo.  When he was a young teenager he bought an old Gibson Banjo in a pawn shop for 50 bucks and taught himself how to play.  He listened to Flat and Scruggs records over and over, even switching the speed of the turntable  to listen to the slower licks until he mastered them...and he eventually did.  He even serenaded his soon to be wife Stephanie with his banjo and a song out side her sorority at SMU to win her heart.

  This was back in the 1960’s and 70’s, and all that time he had admired Earl Scruggs beautiful banjo, a Gibson Mastertone.  Robert and his wife Stephanie had been raising 3 kids and Robert had been working hard as an epidemeologist, the old gibson banjo had been sitting tuneless in a closet. Then one day in 2006 Robert got inspired to  play again.  He whipped out the ol banjo and in a week or two was playing the same great songs he had learned years before.  Then he did something that suprised everyone around him!  He finally gave himself the banjo he always wanted. A Gibson Earl Scruggs Mastertone.